Four Tracks Fleet


Four Tracks All Terrain's fleet consists of multipurpose Hagglund BV 206's and BR 400+ Snow Cats

Whether the task requires road grooming or off road accessibility, Four Tracks All Terrain’s fleet is capable of meeting the many challenges associated with remote access safely and economically. Our BR 400+ features winged 12 way blades capable of moving heavy volumes of snow or grooming ice roads and trails.
Our fleet of Hagglunds BV 206s offer multipurpose units with payload capacities of 4400 lbs, personnel transportation for crews of 15, flat deck services capable of multipurpose tasks, emergency medical evacuation, amphibious capabilities, crew protection from environmental conditions, picker services rated at 2200 lbs, vehicles capable of travelling over varied terrain with minimal influence by weather conditions and a minimal footprint on the environment.


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We can configure our units to accommodate our client’s needs and transition efficiently into ongoing or new operations. Clients who work in extremely remote locations may be dependent upon a limited number of access roads that are susceptible to flooding, landslide, muskeg or ice and permafrost melt. 

The BV 206s advantage is the versatility in configuration, amphibious capabilities, helicopter transportable, cargo and passenger loads, environmental footprint and a protected climate-controlled environment.

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